Staff Directory


Julia V. Fanara

Head of School
Class of P'01, P'03, P'05

Joanne Harabedian

Director of Lower School

Sara A. McCarthy

Assistant Head of School
Class of '05

Jennifer Jukic

Assistant Director of Lower School; Student Support, Admissions and Marketing. Language Arts and Religion Chair

Rich Martinez

Assistant Director; Activities, Athletics, and Student Affairs. Science, Math and Spanish Chair

Gabriel Hernandez

Director of Technology: Lower School

Ellen Hoffman

Field Trip Coordinator

Alex Loya

Webmaster, LS Math Teacher, Coach

Penny Rajewski

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Lidia Gallegos

Transitional Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Lisbet Mercado

Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Audrey Sun

Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Katia Jauregui

1st Grade Teacher

Sara Garcia

1st Grade Teaching Assistant

Sandra Arana

2nd Grade Teacher

Lizette Zendejas

Second Grade Teaching Assistant

Delgado Peter

3rd Grade Teacher

Jane Clark

3rd Grade Teaching Assistant, Playground Proctor

Wendy Quezada

4th Grade Teacher

Kathy Driscoll

4th Grade Teaching Assistant

Monica Richter

5th Grade Teacher, Student Council Co-Advisor

Michelle Wells

6th Grade Teacher, Mock Trial Faculty Representative

Melissa Bocanegra

7th Grade Teacher, Liturgy Coordinator

Lisa Knatcal

8th Grade Teacher, Student Council Co-Advisor

Argenta Walther

Music Teacher

Oscar Leal

Art Teacher & Spanish Teacher Grades 1-4

Madison Levitt

Theater Teacher

Colton Bassett

Theater Teacher

Sue Behrens

Playground Proctor

Rocio Alcaraz

After School Jag Care Supervisor

Andrea Bertollini

Director of Facilities and Film Liason, Advancement Assistant
Class of '91

Wendy Finch-Burk

Director of Development and Institutional Advancement

Gaelle MacDonald

Front Office Assistant

Michelle Gray

Administrative Assistant and Office Manager

Kate Witherington

Director of Enrollment Management

Lisa Primero-Solano

Dean of Students, Math Department Chair, and Sophomore State Moderator

Ken Berry

Director of Athletics

Giselle Grams

Spanish Teacher, World Languages Department Chair

Alexandra Grimstad

Science Department, Cross Country Coach, and Track Coach
Class of '03

Katharine Guerrero

Campus Minister and Theology Department Chair,

Hoku Janbazian


Corrine Jimenez

Theology Department and Junior State Moderator

Maria Jones

Director of Finance
Class of P'11

Susana Capra

Director of Marketing, Media Production Teacher, Soccer Coach
Class of '04

Lillian Epperlein

Science Department

Shannon Keller

Visual Arts Teacher

Judy Lee

Math Department

Mike Sifter

Social Studies and Theology Departments and Supreme Court Moderator

Melissa Royal

Director of College Counseling

Angela Terrazas

Learning Support Specialist
Class of '90

Hourig Baghdasarian

Social Studies Department

Lee Ann Bechthold

Business Manager

Cynthia Cales

Dance, Drama, and English Department, Production Director
Class of P'12

Deanne Carnighan

English Department Chair

Lucinda Buchan

Varsity Softball Coach

Elmer Melara

Utilities Engineer

Nina Lopez