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10th Grade College Timeline

Continue building skills and working on the activities highlighted in 9th grade. Try new things, continue to explore your interests and passions, and take on some new challenges. 

    • Students will work heavily on SCOIR to build their resume, begin researching college options, and take the Career Interest Inventory survey.
  • Standardized Testing
    • Take the Pre-ACT in October to experience the difference between the SAT/ACT to help dertermin e a standardized testing plan.
  • College Planning
    • Attend 9th and 10th Grade College Night in early Spring to review Pre-ACT scores and the entire college application process.
    • Attend college and career fairs within the community and participate in college visits at Alverno.
    • Meet with your College Counselor to discuss your courses for next year and possible colleges/majors to explore. 
  • Academic Planning
    • Keep up your strong grades! The types of courses you take and the grades you receive in them are on of the biggest pieces of your application (especially since the UC’s look heavily at your classes/grades 10th and 11th grade).
    • Atten your Academic Advisory Groups to continue reviewing transcripts for course selection and GPA’s throughout the year. 
    • Practice your writing skills to prepare for college applications essays. 
  • Extracurricular Activities
    • Continue to get involved by building your credentials and keep track of your extracurricular awards, community service achievements, and anything else you participate both at school and within the community.