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Personal Counseling: Outreach Concern

About Outreach Concern

Alverno Heights Academy is pleased to work with Outreach Concern to provide resources to support students and families in meeting the challenges of adolescence through prevention, early-intervention and education.

Outreach Concern is a non-profit 501(c)(3) counseling agency created to help students and their parents eliminate the barriers that impact their performance in the classroom. We have been providing counseling and support services to public, private and parochial schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties for more than 16 years. We have a proven track record of making a significant difference in the lives of students and their families. Our on-campus counselors are closely monitored by Regional Field Supervisors and meet weekly with a clinical supervisor who reviews all cases. They also receive ongoing direction from our Clinical Director, a professional with more than 30 years of experience in psychological counseling.

The Counselors, together with their colleagues within the school community, provide support for students at all levels of their personal growth.

Introducing Our Counselors


Miss Marks is returning for a second year at Alverno Heights Academy. She recently graduated from California Southern University earning a Doctorate in Psychology. Previously, Miss Marks completed both a Bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Counseling from Athabasca University, Canada. Miss Marks has researched the psychology of addiction and spent three years working as a counselor for young adults diagnosed with drug and alcohol addiction as part of a multidisciplinary team. Miss Marks has also worked for Team Risk Management as an advocate for at risk youth at various stages of development, working with administrators, parents, and teachers to ensure best outcomes. Miss Marks is excited for another year working with the ladies of Alverno Heights Academy.


LaRonya Farrar graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences. She received a Master’s of Science in Psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development from Southern New Hampshire University. Currently, she is finishing her final year at California Southern University, enrolled in the PsyD program. Miss Farrar has worked with children in various schools assisting students on the Spectrum in an after school therapeutic integration programs and an outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation program. For the past two years, she has volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, providing tutoring. Miss Farrar looks forward to working with the ladies at Alverno Heights Academy the 2020-2021 school year.


Francoise Rozzell is returning to Alverno Heights Academy for her third year to help assist the needs of the students. Mrs. Rozzell holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is a registered associate with the Board of Behavioral Sciences. She has over three years experience with with children and adolescents in an academics setting. Mrs. Rozzell is looking forward to the 2020-21 school year.


Why Refer to Outreach Concern? 

If the student feels sad, confused, shy, angry or anxious.

When changes in the student’s environment affect their well-being.

When a student’s family circumstances change.

When influences distract or cause a student to feel anxiety, fear or concern.

When a student experiences a loss of a family member, friend or pet.

When home stressors affect school performance, behavior or social life.

When a student is consistently absent from school.

When a student struggles academically.

These are all reasons to consider making an appointment with the Outreach Concern school counselor. Partnering with parents and teachers, the school counselor’s goal like yours, is to support your child in identifying whatever problem or concern is keeping them from achieving success, enhancing their self- esteem, confidence and motivation.


How do students work with the Outreach Concern Counselor? 

A student may be referred by a teacher, administrator, parent or be self-referred. Parents can contact the Outreach Concern Regional Field Supervisor regarding questions they have about our services and how we may be able to support their child. In addition, when necessary, counselors can also provide assistance with additional community resources to further support the needs identified.

How counseling works:

– ONE ON ONE COUNSELING: As we are all presently dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Outreach Concern counselors will be using a Telehealth process. Students and counselors meet independently (via phone) addressing whatever concern, academic, social, emotional, behavioral, they are experiencing difficulty with. When school resumes, counseling will take place at a child’s school.

– GROUP COUNSELING: Includes between three/five students led by the Outreach counselor, meeting for approximately 45 minutes when in school to focus on various challenges related to academic, social, emotional or learning issues and how to effectively cope with these challenges students are experiencing in school. (on campus)

– CLASSROOM GUIDANCE: The Outreach Concern counselor provides classroom presentations on a variety of topics that may be specific to a grade level or age group. These may focus on social skills, homework, learning techniques, etc. (on-campus)

The Consent Process

All Alverno parent(s)/guardian(s) have already submitted the Outreach Consent Form through the Back to School Forms. If you did not sign the consent form, please complete the process through Outreach Concern’s website

The Referral Process

Please visit the Outreach Concern website here. On the far-right side of the homepage is the “Referral” link for StudentsFaculty, and Parents (English) and Parents (Spanish)

Once the form is completed, parents will receive a call from the Outreach Concern Counselor. Please be aware that counselors may call from a blocked number. Counselors will need to receive verbal consent prior to speaking with your child for Telehealth purposes and separate from online consent.